What to Expect

Trust is at the heart of healing. Therefore, counsellor and client fit is a must in order for a working relationship to develop and for trust to be established. I offer a complimentary 30-minute “meet and greet” where we can discuss expectations (yours and mine) for future sessions. This is a great opportunity for you to determine whether I’m the person you feel is best suited to join you on your therapeutic journey. I use words like “trust” and “feel” deliberately—you already have all the tools you need to find the balance you seek. Trust your instincts and honour your feelings. 

If we do decide to journey together, our first session would include collecting information and signing a few forms (which I will email to you beforehand and then review with you during that first session). We will also discuss the issues you would like to explore and start the process of goal-setting. 

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Number of Sessions

During our first session, we can also talk about how many sessions may be required, based on your needs and the issues you want to address. Some clients feel more at ease if they know exactly what to expect going forward (for example: “6 sessions, on Tuesdays at 10:30). Others prefer a more organic approach, committing to only one or two sessions at a time, but adding more as the conversations continue. Together we will find the balance that works best in supporting you to reach your goals.